How to send mail to only users where tags intersect


Have two data types (Speakers and planners), both have a field called tags, that refer to list of a third data type: tags.

I want to send an email to to only the planners that have at least one tag in common with the speaker data type.

But I can’t for the life of me figure out where or how to make that happen. Any ideas of the bat? I was assuming I could set mails only to send when planners[tags] tags intersect with speakers[tags]:count>0 … But where do I make that rule?

On the bottom of the workflow settings there’s an “Only When” section. Put your rules in there.

One way to do this is to schedule a “Send Email” API workflow on a list of planners and you define the list in the call by doing your intersect search - Do a search for planners: filtered>Advanced: This planner’s tags intersect with currentSpeaker’s tags count > 0.

Here’s a link that might help - not quite the same scenario but close enough. In this example, I have Cities liked by various users. I can select a user ho has liked a city and then display other users who have liked at least on city liked by the selected user. I can of course then email them - either simply by emailing everyone in my repeating group or by run the search in my workflow, which might be closer to what you want.


Hi Louisa (I assume),

I had no idea filtered>advanced was even a thing. That solves a lot for me, thank you!


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