Send email when list contains list?

Users have liked tags (list)

when new product is created (it can have a list of tags) and those tags are tags or tag that user have liked, I need to send email

How would I achieve it?

I understand I need to use api workflow and do some sort of search, but not sure what to do exactly :confused:

Thank you for help :slight_smile:

something is wrong here what do I do :confused:

Step 3 of the workflow for when the Button CONFIRM is clicked is a Go to Page action which is requiring you to send data to it because that page as a type of content set…that is why the issue checker shows that issue.

I meant my send email doesn’t work

On creation, your action is sending a list of users into the workflow.

Your send email workflow can only send one email at a time, it’s parameters should accept one user and one product

So use the alternate action schedule an api workflow on a list

Run on users, your filtered list there
Schedule to send “this user” and your created product.
A few seconds apart.

If there could be hundreds of users or more, consider an alternative where you use a cursor (ask later once you get this working).


I am really lost…
thank you for help

Yes this looks pretty good. What happens when you run it?

nothing as i can see

Do you have data that meets the criteria?

You have a user who has liked the tag
Your new product contains this tag (may I see your “create new product “ please?)

If so then you need to check your do a search for

yes sure I can send you the app link in dm if that helps?

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