How to send out email to set of Users that meet a criteria?

Hi Team,

I am wanting to perform a search of Users that meet a certain criteria, once I have that list I would like to trigger an ‘send email’ event or similar (eg; SMS) to each of those Users.

Any ideas on how this can be achieved without the ability to traverse through a search list result in Bubble?


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You can set the to field to
Search for Users’ email joined with a ,

Hey @georgeciobanu

Not sure if you completed your post reply?



Thanks, I’ll try that.

I assume that will send an email to a list of users (not a single user)?

Wow this is magic :slight_smile:

is there some way to put personal data of the receiver in these email? I mean I can refer to the current user easily or other datas from the worklow… but what about personalized datas?

I mean can I make the body of the message different for any receiver? (ex: his email, his name…)


Yes, you can send personalised emails. We have name etc from the customer but also include unique sender name per brand and customisable signoffs.

Where? I just find Current user’s things… (i don’t need to show sender’s data in body but the data of all the specific receivers from the list of receivers )

Ah, yes I see what you mean !

So now what you would do would be to schedule an API workflow on a list of users. And then you can send each one a personal email.

mmm… could you please make me an example on how to do that?

I have 0 experience with API workflows (I have to activate “expose POST/workflow APi” and “expose GET/dData API” in settings right?)

I’m trying, when a user adds an item on the list “items that I have”, to send a email to all the users that are in a list “users looking for this item”

(I’m doing it already, I just want to send personalized emails like HELLO MARTIN…)

Yes will do.

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So we schedule an API call on a list of users (just happens to be a repeating group that the user can filter)…

We send various bits of data with each one…

Which are then pulled into the API and a tailored email is sent with the data that is sent.


Hi @NigelG, I’m making progress:

I get the personalized email, but I don’t understand what did you put in send mail “To” field…
I get a number of emails equal to the number of user in the list, and all the data in the body referred to the different users, but all the email are sent to the same email address… I’m missing some point…

I don’t want to send the email address as a parameter because the users cannot access to the other user’s email address… (I’m doing it as a API workflow because of that because from my understanding it is possible?)

I’m missing some point I guess :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I’m not quite sure I understand the problem but I think I do, and I’ve used the BCC field instead of the TO field in the past so that it’s not the entire list of users in one email under (TO) but appears to be sent to one person at at time although you’ve just BBC’d everyone who is the result of your search instead.

no the problem is not that, the problem is that all the different emails go to the same email adress because I don’t know how to pull the list of users in the “to” field (the correct messages are created but they are not sent to each reciver, but all to the same address…)

Its hard without knowing what the system does fully but why not try To: Search for Users where email = current users email , email?

I have set up notifications many times and I normally have a Notifications thing, with email, on/off, type (ex. newsletter, blog posts, X)

When i send a newsletter in the BCC field (To is blank) I search for all users with Notications ON, type “newsletter”, 's email address.

From there you can always customize what gets sent to each user.

You can have a button that initiates this on your end and sends all the emails for example.

Not sure if this helps.

In this case the “Send Email” action only triggers for a single user at a time, so you schedule the workflow on a list (a list of Users) and for each User you trigger the API Workflow and it sends a personalised email to THAT user. Not a list of users. That is why it is “To:” not in “:bcc”.

Ok but what should I put in “To” to pull each user of the list the API workflow is scheduled on?

I send the Unique Id of each user…

And then do a search for them, and pull the first item.

It will probably be easier to send the User thing itself, rather than the Unique Id and then do a search. However I also include the uniqueid of the user in a clickable link (the link is unique to the user) in the email. So that is why it seems more complex that it should do. If you send the thing you don’t get the Unique Id available.

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Fabulous! So this system should allow to communicate via email keeping the secrecy of the reciver’s email address from the sender at the same time, right? (if the email address is not visible in the app privacy settings off course)