How to send repeating group data using Postmark email?

I already created an email template in Postmark and followed some advice from a previous thread with the same issue but it still it did not display any values to email. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.


I’m just gonna take a guess… do the :formatted as JSON safe after each of the dynamic parts instead, like This Task Quotes's Task:formatted as JSON safe. Also remove the quotes on each side of only the dynamic parts (the JSON safe operator adds those)

Then remove :formatted as JSON safe from the right side of your screenshot (the one making your entire “estimate_details” JSON safe)

Then to make a nicer table, you might need to play around with making an HTML table in your email: HTML Tables generator – If Postmark isn’t doing that for you

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I’ll apply that thanks a lot for your help.

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First your Postmark template needs to have the right variables, here is an example in my case for Items:

Then in my API call for the JSON I have it set up like this:

With “<{
}>” being the variable that is going to get replaced dynamically.

And finally my workflow I have it set up like this:


And the format as text is set up like this:


This assumes you are connecting to Postmark using the API and not a plug in.

Hope this helps.


As above. Worth looking at Postmark’s “Mustachio” language ( the {{ stuff )

Hard the first time you have to create the JSON lists, but it does get easier :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot this works.

thanks a lot Tyler

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