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Best EMAIL solution with template made with Repeating Groups

What is the best service/solutions to make a newsletter, the same one as Product Hunt has?
How to achieve that design?

What do their newsletters look like? You can code up a design or use a drag & drop using Sendgrid or Mailchimp

Approxiamately like that. What is better: Mailchimp or Sendgrid?
What is cheaper?
Maybe I should use raw HTML for this kind of email?

I am wondering why we have several plugins “HTML + Sendgrid” and 0 “HTML + Mailchimp”

Are you talking about a email newsletter or just something like this screenshot?

If it’s something like this screenshot it’s just a repeating group with data of things you want to feature.

I need to send what I have in the screenshot via email. That is newsletter.
I need to create a page in Bubble using Repeating Group and send it as an email (newsletter).

I need solution with custom template of email and the ability to build the template on Repeating groups in Bubble Editor.

Did you find a solution for this? I’m looking for something similar.

If you’re using Postmark, you can use the method in the following thread.