Help with API Call to Create HTML Email Template in Postmark

I need to export an HTML template to Postmark via the Bubble API terminal, but I don’t know how to set it up. Does anyone have a video or visual explanation they can point me to to get it set up?

This is what’s in there now, but I’m not sure what goes where.

When I initialize this call, I get this

Currently, I use Stripo, and all I have to do is press the "Export’ button, select a stream I set up in Postmark, and it puts the email template right into my Postmark templates. I am switching from Stripo and the new service does not have the same feature, so I will have to write my own API call to get my new email templates into my Postmark account.

That’s an optional field on the create template that you won’t seem to need, just remove it.

Do you mean these templates - Responsive Transactional Email Templates | Postmark ?

If so I think potentially you could just copy the html of your current one and then paste it in a new one you set up in Postmark.

The error message would be because that template isnt present in the postmark account yet I believe?

I removed it, but still getting an error

That’s probably due to the HTML. Rather than building this in the body JSON just put each field as a parameter. Bubble will ensure it’s formatted correctly & ignore any empty fields being sent where as the body JSON input will still try to send the raw text even if values are empty. Usually leading to issues.