How to separate a list by semi-colon instead of comma

If I am displaying a list, the default output is:

item1, item2, item3

However, is it possible to use a semi-colon to separate the items instead? Like so:

item1; item2; item3

This Bubble app has a list on it, to play with if needed.

The list operator that does this is called :joined with.

In a text field, build the expression:

some_list:joined with ;

and you’ll get what you want. Note that the argument to :joined with can be any text string, so you can build pretty complex separators.

Aside: The name of this operator is a little strange. You wouldn’t really guess what it does from its name. :man_shrugging:

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That’s perfect, thank you! I looked at that one, but didn’t understand the syntax. Your solution works, I really appreciate that

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