How to set air/date picker initial content to 00:00


I am really new to bubble. I want just the time (which I have set) on the air/date picker so somebody can say how much break they have had in the day. I need the default value to be 00:00 not the current time. I did get this to work by doing (current date and time - current date and time). However this brought up an error initial content should be a date not a date interval.

Think I’m missing something really obvious. Any help would be great :slightly_smiling_face:


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If you want to use current date/time as a starting point, you can use the manipulation functions for setting the hours, minutes and seconds to zero. (Once you select current date/time, the dropdown menu of options will change and you’ll see the change hours to function. (Then add minutes, seconds.

Thanks Dan1 much appreciated.

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