How to set app level booking fee percentage

Hi Bubbler mind-hive,

Very new to Bubble and have what is probably a very basic question, but I’ve searched the manual, how-tos and the Forum but can’t find the answer anywhere.

I’m building a marketplace using a template (actually three templates cobbled together - I think I’ve built a Frankenstein!). I want to add a booking fee to the seller’s price based on a set percentage charged by us. It will be the same every time.

I have added a data type Booking_fee to the database and added this data type to an experience (for the event page) and booking (once you’ve clicked to register) data types.

I’ve then used this calculation to generate the booking fee:

Booking Fee Calc

And this is the result:

Booking Fee Calc Result

Because I can’t figure out for the life of me where to set the actual percentage that it should be calculating.

I’m also not 100% confident that this is the right way to do it.

I’m sure this is super basic since I’ve found posts where people have talked about charging a percentage so I figure it must be easy. But, as I say, I can’t find the answer anywhere so, if anyone has any suggestions on how to do this I’d really appreciate your help (not least because I’m launching in 26 days!) :pray: :pray: :pray:

Thank you so much

you can create an option set. in the option set create an attribute of type number. The display value of the option can be called Booking Fee. The attribute will be the decimal of the percentage, so if you charge 20% booking fee, your attribute value will be 0.2

In the text field for the Booking Fee display use the math formula to take the Event fee and multiple by the option attribute.

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Awesome, thank you so much @boston85719. I’ll give that a go. Makes complete sense! I think I was almost on the right track but when down the data pathway rather than option set.

Hey @boston85719, I am obviously still doing something wrong :roll_eyes:

This is how I’ve set it up:

Option set:
Option set

I’ve added this to the Booking data set:
Booking option set

And this is the calc:

And still the result:
Booking fee calc result v2

I’m also not sure how to set up the final calculation to add the booking fee to the event price.

I’ve tried changing the data set in the booking so that Booking_fee is a number rather than Booking_fee, and taking it out altogether, but neither of those worked either.

Sorry, I’m sure this is so basic but this is where lack of knowledge on data is handled is tripping me up!

Thank you :pray:

Screen Shot 2024-07-05 at 8.03.18 PM

The display value should be called Booking Fee, not 0.06. The attribute of Booking_fee should be called Percentage and the value should be 0.06…you will need to click the modify attributes text button to set this value.

Not necessary to save the data field of booking fee unless you have a desire for a historical record as an anticipation of changing the booking fee percentage, and if so, you would not save the data field as related to the option set and instead would save a data field as type number to store the actual percentage decimal used as booking fee at the time of the booking.

This is fine although you likely do not have the attribute value set on the option, so defaults to 0 so the calculation will equate to 0…also, don’t use a $ symbol as static text, instead use the formatted as and set to currency and select the currency symbol there.

I personally use inputs to display things, but that is an advanced topic…best if you just use your dynamic expressions to first find the booking fee and then add the event fee

Sometimes that is part of it, but other times it is just generally there is a lot to learn to know all things in Bubble work to make the best use of them.

If you are interested in some coaching sessions you can find me on the Bubble coaching marketplace. I’ve built multiple booking platforms and was the first to release a Calendly Clone template, so I have lots of experience with this if you find yourself in need of some more guidance. I also was an official Bubble bootcamp instructor for 18 months and had came into Bubble with nearly a decades experience as a second language instructor, so very well versed in educating others and always happy to help.

@boston85719 Thanks so much for your help. Got excited because it works when I preview the reservation page. But when I preview the app and navigate to an event I’ve created and then click on the reservation button to display the reservation page, the booking fee is blank again. :tired_face:

Which means I’m obviously going wrong somewhere passing the data through the pages. Although, it all looks like it should work. I’ll just have to set that aside for now and go back to the other issue that’s stumped me all day!

Using a template has been great but I suspect I’ve messed up some of the set up when I’ve adapted it to what I need because I don’t know enough to understand why the template was set up that way.

If I can’t figure it out, I’ll book a time. Thanks again so much for your help.

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@boston85719 a quick question for you as I’m wondering if this may be the problem. I’m still working through setting up the Stripe Connect for the app - if that’s not working properly could that be a reason that the booking fee works on the payment page when you preview it directly, but not when you preview the app and view the page as a user would?

Possibly clutching at straws, but while I’ve been searching the Forum for information on Stripe plugins, I’ve seen a couple of posts talking about Stripe allowing the facility to charge a booking/service/app fee as well as the seller fee.


That is true.

Ok, thanks. Was worth a try! Am tempted to rebuild the event page from scratch even if it’s just to find the source of the problem. I did the same with another page the other day and discovered a condition that I hadn’t realised was there until I was recreating what was there rather than copying and pasting.