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How to set duration of countdown from thing type (number)

I am using this countdown plugin by Copilot: Countdown Plugin | Bubble

When a user creates a thing, one of the things’ types is a file wordcount (number). I want to let the “hour” duration of the countdown be set by the number of words divided by 84. So for example if there are 168 words, the duration will be set to 2 hours.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

Hi @phrase9, what I would do is, set another field in the database that does the “# of words”/84 so you can have the hours for you available for use in any field.

Now, regarding the timer, I haven’t experimented with the Countdown Plugin but, would guess that it takes in a date as a parameter, so I would simply use “Current Date/Time” + (hours) “hours field” in the database, in the workflow of the thing created by the user.

Hope it gives you some guidance.

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Thanks a lot man! I have created a new type (number) but need guidance now from someone who is familiar with this plugin on how to have that number = to the plugin’s hours?

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