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Need some guidance on CoPilot's Countdown plugin


I am using this countdown plugin by Copilot: Countdown Plugin | Bubble

I chose this plugin because it doesn’t reset the countdown when the page is refreshed which is critical to my use case. This works when I set the countdown date to an arbitrary date.

In my use case however, the countdown duration’s hours needs to be set dynamically depending on a number field created when a thing is created.

When a user creates a thing, one of the things’ types is a file wordcount (number). I need to let the “hour” duration of the countdown be set by the number of words divided by 84. So for example if there are 168 words, the duration will be set to 2 hours. It appears I succeeded in achieving this by setting the End Date as: Current date/time +(hours)thing’s field.

So far so good. But the issue I now discovered is that:

  1. The countdown resets when I refresh the page.
  2. The countdown’s display text jumps back almost erratically every 5 seconds and doesn’t countdown in a stable fashion as is the case when the End Date is set to an arbitrary date.

I will appreciate any advice on this issue.

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To update:

When I remove the “do every 5 seconds” event from the workflow which I initially had and replace it with a “when page is loaded” event, it solves and removes the problem of the countdown display jumping back every 5 seconds. But the issue remains that the countdown resets with page refresh. Please advise.

So to summarize: The only issue I have now and that needs solving is this:

When the countdown’s end date is set to an arbitrary date, the countdown does not reset when page is refreshed (it keeps counting down regardless). This is what I need to happen. But this does not happen when the countdown’s end date is set dynamically as is required by my use case. In this case, it resets the countdown with page refresh. I need to solve this so that it does not reset with page refresh.

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A friendly reminder that I still need help on this.

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