How to set focus on first form item

I have form in a repeating group (for the sake of the scrollbar) inside a popup group. When launching the form / popup, the focus goes to the bottom-most item of the form (not good :slightly_frowning_face: ). I tried to add a input focus action on the workflow, pointing to the top-most item, but nothing happens.


Help please! :sob:

Edit: an indicator, when I go on an item of the form, then press tab, it goes to the input above instead of the input below. Something’s odd with that. I tried bringing elements to the front or back but it doesn’t change anything… :thinking:

I am running into the same problem. Whenever a popup group is clicked, an input in that group will automatically be focused and ready to take data. It’s really annoying! I’m unsure if its a bug or not.

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