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Replace text with dynamic data (Is this even possible?)

I am confused on how I can do something. I have the initial content for an input set as “answer 1’s value” (that will basiclly show the data that someone puts in the input called answer 1). When I put something in “answer 2” input, I want the text to change from “answer 1’s value” to “answer 2’s value”. Please help me!!


Create a custom state in your page called Answer.

Create a workflow to run when you update any of your inputs and change the value of the custom state Answer by the input value.

In your result input, link the initial value with the value of your custom state.

This should work.

@rpetribu thank you for taking the time to respond. I just have some questions. How do I create a workflow to run when I update my inputs. And what do you mean by “change the value of the custom state answer by the input value”? I understand how to do stuff on bubble pretty well for the most part. I am just having trouble understanding what you are telling me.

Hi @laci.ellie246,

If I understand correctly, you have 3 inputs and would simply like to “conditionally” change the Initial content of one based on the values of the other 2. Well, that’s what Conditionals are for…


I tried to do the same thing with buttons. You click “give” it adds 10 “points” to the input. Click “take” and it takes away 10 “points”. It works… but only for a second. After I finish clicking the button, it goes back. Ex. I click “Give” twice, input now says “20”, Click “take” and it shows “10”, I stop clicking it, and it shows “20” again. I have a feeling it has something to do with the conditional part. I will attach a pic. But it did work with the inputs. It helped a lot. Thanks!

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