How to set up a condition when value can be in multiple columns?

What I’m trying to achieve is to show a profile of a user the current user is matched with
Who this user is, is decided as follows:

In type ‘Matches’ there are two columns representing users, user1 and user2. Both have ‘Users’ as their field type as you can see in the screenshot
One of these is the current user, it can be any of the two

I found this topic to be quite similar

In which @NigelG provides a great solution

However, what’s different in my situation, is that I don’t know in what column the current user can be found, so I also don’t know what label the other column has
I can imagine ‘Any field’ and ‘last item’ can help find find the needed row with the current user, but how do I then find out who the other user is?

The reason a user can be in both columns, is because every week users are matched. So, one week user1 can be matched with user2 (and user2 will be in the second column) and the next week user2 can be matched with user3 (and user2 will be in the first column).

Hi there, @herman1… if I understand your post correctly, the merged with option might be one way to go. So, you do a search for matches with a constraint where User 1 is the current user, and you merge that search with a search for matches with a constraint where User 2 is the current user. Want to give that a shot?

Hope this helps.


Edit: As an alternative, you could consider having a list field (of type User), and you could store both users in that list. Then, you could check to see if the current user is in the list. Just food for thought.

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Hi @mikeloc thanks again for the help.

The merged with option worked perfectly.

I checked it with the profile picture, for which I added two conditional statements: if user1 = current user, display user2’s image and if user2 = current user, display user1’s image.


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