Repeating group with users: only show value equal to current user


I have this repeating group with users. All users have a data field “coachkenmerk”.
The LOGGED IN user also has a coachkenmerk. He or she should see only users with the same coachkenmerk in the repeating group.

I tried this but it gives me ALL users instead of only those with the same coachkenmerk:

Your search looks right to me… so if you’re not seeing the Users you expect to see, probably your data itself is wrong (or not what you think it is). So check that.

Yup, what @adamhholmes said. You also have 2 conditionals. Maybe they are interfering with your “main search”?

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User table has default privacy rules applied. You might need to add additional rule to allow coach user to see others.

Thanks, all.
I think my problem was this:
I had a worflow on the page: When page is loaded, display list [repeating group].
I had added that one because of a tutorial. I just deleted this step in the workflow and I am seeing the correct users now.