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How to set up a drag and drop user interface

Hi, a newbee question. Would I be able to build an app with Bubble where users can drag and drop elements? I want to create a gardening companion app where one can drag plants from a catalog and drop them onto a raised bed garden.

Go to the Plugins tab and add the Draggable Elements plugin and play around with that. Here’s the documentation for it:

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Thanx Roman! I’ll look into that.

Got it almost working Roman. Need just a little hint. I’ve got a repeating group with four draggable plants. I’ve got a dropzone setup with an empty image inside. I am able to drag and drop. I seem to be unable to have the image in the dropzone display the same image as in the dragged item. I dont know which action to use when the plant is dropped in the dropzone (tried various things…). Do you have a clue or example? Tnx in advance!

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