How to set up a referral program directly on bubble?

Hi guys,

I want to set up a referrral program directly on bubble to create a dedicated url for each waitlister and later on depending on the number of times that link has been used and brought in new user, bump the user up in the waitlist. I see the last topic on this @NigelG replied 4 years ago that the url is easily done but to manage any rewards would be difficult. Does anyone if anything changed in the past 4 years? Is there now an easier way to set up referral program directly on bubble?

Thank you for your help!


Create referal link

  1. On bubble you can use the current user’s ID to track that this is the “Owner” of this Referal Link by creating a “token” in the URL. User’s Unique ID

  2. Track signups
    You’ll need to create a database field that is a LIST of USERS on the User eg. “referred_Users”. (So Sally can have Mark, John, and Sue in Sally’s list of referred_Users)
    [On Signup page]
    [In Signup Workflow]
    IF [Get data From URL] Token is not empty. THEN - add this user to the list of users on the Referring User. (The referring user= the user with their unique ID matching the URL token.)

Then you can get current user’s list of referral_Users:count to sort them for whatever you have planned.

Hope this helps!


Thanks very much for your speedy reply.

Bear with me for asking this simple question but how do you add a token in the URL? My current signup page is and if I add user’s unique id, the page goes 404. How can one add a token in the url and have the page still directed to the signup page?

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Just a quick comment for newbies like me, here it should be signup?token=current user’s Unique ID then everything else works out.

Hi, did you found out how to do it?
I am struggling trying to create a referral program too :unamused:

This sounds like the easiest method I have found to create a referral program on bubble. However, you missed to explain step 1. Please it would be great if you could elaborate on how to do this “URL token” thing without breaking the link and getting a 404 error. Thanks! user’s unique id, you would need to have a signup page first, anything comes after ?,html knows to ignore it so it does not result in 404. Check out my sign up page at the very top. Let me know if this is not clear.

How can I do that if I haven´t deployed my app yet. My preview url is something like

Could you please show me the workflow that modifies the URL?

Hey @pachocastillosr :wave:

You can use dynamic data, then it will reference your URL even before deployment.

Hope that helps! :blush:


Thanks! I think that now I am just missing how make those changes but into the URL instead of a text box. Which is the workflow action for “modyfing the current url”?

I think I would need more information, why are you ‘modifying the current url’?

Are you trying to figure out how to connect the user once the person uses the link? :blush:

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Oh ok maybe I´m wrong. Let me see if I got it straight now:

I create the referral link into a text box using the method exposed in your screenshot and that will be the link that the user will send to other people who are not signed up.

When a person who is not signed up yet clicks on this link, it will not go to error 404 because the browser will just ignore everything that is on the URL after the “?” sign.

Is that right?

RIght, I usually put the link into an input or use the AirCopy plugin to let them click on a button to copy it.

I don’t use the User’s unique ID to do the referral personally though.

But once the user clicks on the link you will be able to access the data from the url on page load or on signup. Then when the person signs up you can attach the user referral. See image to show you how to ‘get’ the data from the URL.

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Jason thank you very much! This is my second week using bubble…You were so helpful! I think I got it now. I´ll give it a try and let you know how it goes! :+1:

I actually created a youtube video on how to do this just today as a subscriber requested this. Maybe it helps!


100 kudos for you man I was looking for this every day since last week. I´ll subscribe ASAP and refer your channel to everyone I can! THANKS!

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No problem! :blush:Glad it was helpful. Let me know how it goes!

Hope that helps! :blush:


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