How to set up multi-step sign up process using the tab element


Is this the right approach or is there a less convoluted method to doing so?

  1. How can I go about hiding/unhiding the description of each tab such that each tab can only be accessed following completion of the previous tab inputs?

  2. Once the sign up process is complete, I want to show the following message whilst still keeping the multi-step sign up tabs visible 33%20PM

How can I embed two windows into a single tab but show them in consecutive order?

I know this all relates to workflow, but the mechanics of how I should be setting it up is another story altogether.

I appreciate all the help.

@tnaks95 knowing how tabs are built can be a slightly daunting process. But you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly!

Here’s a tutorial that covers how to create tabbed elements from scratch. It’ll take you through some of the conditional logic to lay the foundation.

Specifically to the tab labels, you can make these hidden (or, rather, not clickable), using some conditional logic. (Ie. when tab is not X, then this element isn’t clickable).

As for the conditional logic part for the verify account popup, I’d recommend watching this tutorial on how to make popups only show based on certain conditions.

Dan (creator of LearnTo - a place with plenty of great Bubble tutorials)

Thanks @dan1. I’ve been hacking away at it for the last 50 minutes and it’s starting to make a little bit more sense to me, slowly but surely. Can’t wait to check out your tutorials.

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Thank you for the tutorial on building tabbed elements from scratch- it was exactly what I needed to get the next leg of this project up and running.

Glad to hear it helped :slight_smile: