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How to set-up Vimeo API with API Connector


Will anyone teach what is wrong with my setting on API Connector? All I want to do is to fetch Vimeo public data. I managed to make it work with Postman but not on Bubble yet.

This is the error I get when “Initialize call” is clicked.

Looks like there is some type of authentication error with the credentials belonging to your user account

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Wow, thanks for the super fast response.
Could you be more specific? Is it ok to select “Private key in URL” on Authentication type?

:blush: Took me just a sec to look at Vimeo’s API doc, but it actually looks like the error is related with forgetting to add bearer before the token

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Thanks @johnny !
Exactly, I could get it through by adding the “bearer”.

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Yay! Glad I could help :blush:

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@johnny Could you help me with setting up the vimeo api I am a bit confused here could please guide me step by step it would be great.

Hey there @aneeshsinha01,

You can probably copy @rio’s setup he has going on with the corrected error. I personally haven’t setup Vimeo myself.