Issue with API Connector (OAuth2 Amazon)

Hi There,

I am encountering an issue with the API connector Authentication that I am literally pulling my hair out.

It give me the “missing Access_token” error but if you see the response prompt error, the access token is actually in the prompt itself. Have anyone else fixed or encounter the issue?

It seems like the entire oAuth2 flow works until the parts where it needs parse out the Access_Token for the following api calls to work.

Hey, sorry I don’t have the answer for you but I’m having a similar issue with Vimeo API. It always comes back saying I have to provide a client ID but I AM including the proper client ID in the header. The error says it’s blank. The same request works in Postman. So I’m wondering if Bubble is formatting the requests properly? I’m using Oauth 2 Custom Token.

Thanks for replying. I think its the way bubble picks up the Access token reponse that the throwing the error

Did you manage to solve this, I am having a similar issue albeit with another banking open API, Any suggestions on how to proceed?