How to set values for each cell's item in a dynamic repeating group?


I have a repeating group where each cell displays a name of an item, I want to set value for each item individually and save the values using a submit button.

It sounds like one of my challenges … Parameterized "dialog box"

After re-reading your question, if I understand it correctly, you want to save a field for zero or more items with one button. Normally a group or a popup is used to display and edit the data for one item, and there can be a button but to save the changes for only one item.

If you start a workflow with a button to save all the items in RG, this workflow unfortunately cannot iterate through the list of items. If an assumption about the maximum number of items can be made (i. e. there will be maximum of 10 items), then I suppose you can have ten ‘modify thing’ actions in a workflow, taking RG’s list of things: item#1, RG’s list of things: item#2RG’s list of things: item#10, conditional set to RG’s list of things: item#1: count:>0 and so forth.

Do you want to set different values for each item in the repeating group, or the same value ?

Is this something the user inputs ? Or is it generated ?

yes, it’s different values for each item in the repeating group, the user will input the values and save them using one button.

I think there maybe a way to do it. We should figure out.

Ok, so a fairly simple way to do this is to have a field to hold the “temporary” field that is being entered. And then auto-bind that.

When you click the button, it copies all the the “temp” data to the “final” field.

Whilst you can iterate through lists and stuff, it becomes very difficult to pull out the relevant input fields. So storing the data temporarily is a good solution.

Nice trick, @NigelG

This will work. Thanks.

@NigelG, hoping you can clarify one thing.

I have a very similar situation going on, but instead of wanting to store a different user input on different things in a repeating group, I’m trying to automatically rank a group of things randomly, from 1 to N. Here is the method I’ve devised (up to this point):

  1. Show the group of things in a repeating group
  2. Use the random number generator plugin to insert a random number element into each row of the repeating group
  3. Somehow I need to save the random number for each thing in the database (this is the part where I’m stuck)
  4. Once the random numbers are entered, either use the same repeating group or create another repeating group to sort them numerically, and assign a position (1 to n) based on the sorting
  5. Save the final rank to each thing (stuck here as well)

To solve steps 3 and 5, I was hoping to use the random number generator to populate the initial data of an input field, and then use the auto-binding feature to insert those numbers into the database. But when you enable auto-binding, the initial data formula is removed. See below screenshots for example:

Initial content works, but auto binding is not enabled.

One auto binding is enabled the initial content goes away.

I’m also open to any other suggestions to allow me to randomly rank a group of things from 1 to N, and store that rank in the database once the thing is already created.

You might wonder why I didn’t just insert a random number when the thing was first created? I already tried this, but these things are created via an API workflow on a list of things. I could not find a way to run the API workflow on 2 lists simultaneously (like an array of sorts), where list 1 is a list of users I’m using to create these things, and list 2 is the random numbers. I also tried to access the “Calculate Random String” from the workflow, but this is typecast as a string and not a number (see discussion here: Random number generator - #10 by dominic.josiah)

Any suggestions on how to make this work would be really helpful.