How to set workflow for Popup in Repeating Group

Hi, Bubblers. I need to fix this. Please help me.
I’m building a movie order website.

On the left side, there is a repeating group showing movie list.
When an user click the movie name button, a popup will appear and there is an ‘Add to Cart’ check box is in the popup.

When an user click the ‘Add to Cart’ check box, the movie name will be shown to a cart on the right side of the main page.
On the workflow of the checkbox, I cannot set movie name like below.

There r 3 data types: Movie, Line Item, and Total Basket.

Movie’s field: Movie name, Movie Price, Movie Image.

Line Item’s field: Line Item Price, Movie, Quantity, Total Basket(*in order to connect to Total Basket)

Total Basket’s field: List of Line items(*in order to connect to Line Items), Purchased(Yes or No)

As you see the 4th image, I cannot set it. I should match the data so it creates a line item. But movie title cannot be matched since it stays in RED. What should I do?

@universe1 I guess your Movie field in your Line Item data type is of type Movie. Therefore it’s in red, as you’re asking to fill this field with a text (Movie’s Name) instead of a Movie.

What you can do is add a MovieTitle field (of type text) in your Line Item data type.

You would then be able to create a Line Item with Movie=Parent group’s Movie and MovieTitle=Parent group’s Movie’s Movie name

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Your guess was perfect!! I love your solution!! It solved the problem. Thank you so much!!!

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Hi, Ambroisedlg!
Can you help me solve this problem?? I’m trying to figure out how to set quantity adjustable function.

@universe1 happy to help although it seems the post was deleted?

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I mistakenly deleted it. Sorry. I re-posted it. Can you check it?? How can I Set a workflow of Quantity Arrow?

Sure I’ll answer on the topic directly, just give me 30minutes or so as I’m on my phone at the moment

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Thank you! :slight_smile: I will be waiting for your message!

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