Group Focus referencing Repeating Group Cell

I need to show a group focus pop up when anywhere inside the repeating group is clicked (or any element in the repeating group is clicked.
I have a repeating group with 3 cells and need 3 group focus pop ups which reference each cell and show information specific to each cell.
There is no option to reference the individual cells you can only reference the actual repeating group?
How can I do this and surely this should be a feature?

  1. Place all elements of a cell of the repeating group in a group.
  2. Transform this group into a reusable element.
  3. Add a popup in the reusable element and add a workflow when the group clicked - show the popup.
  4. Go back to the repeating group. Replace the initial group with the reusable group. Indicate the data source for the reusable group (Current cell thing).

That’s it.


Wicked thanks

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