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How to show a group from a header across all pages?

Hi there!

I am trying to build a group that’s only shown when a user clicks on his/her profile picture, like in the example below:

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 09.56.06

The icon picture belongs to the header, which is also a reusable group, therefore the same behaviour should happen across all pages.

I have tried with focus groups and normal groups so far without success, making them not appear on page load and collapse when hidden.

I couldn’t really find this on the forum, if anyone has any suggestion it’d be super appreciated!

You can do it via the Focus group. Can you show how you are using the focus groups?

Hi @ankur1 - this is how i’ve set it up.

But as you can see from the 3rd image it shows in the middle of the page rather than where I placed it.

@ankur1 it seems it is working now. I must have made some configuration mistakes earlier.

Just one question: how do I move slightly to the left?

Currently, it is too much on the right side and it is making the page larger, meaning i have to scroll right to actually see it completely.

Thanks in advance!

fixed, had to put a ‘-’ in offset left field. thanks!

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