How to show a group in a repeating group only when current item is active

I have a repeating group where the user can edit the list directly. There is one huge table inside the repeating group making the list extreme high (long). I would like to show the table (group) only when the specific item in the list is clicked. So when you click a row in the list the row will expand with the table shown. How do I address that? With a condition or workflow?

I would do it with a workflow and a condition.

Put your text or input element in the RG’s cell. [Input1]
Make the cell high enough for another group below. Put a new RG in that group [group 1] with the data set you need.

Make a workflow on click of [input1]: set state of [group 1] > (make new state) show=yes

Go back to [group1]. Add a condition: When this group’s show=yes: this element is visible.

Make sure to hide he group by default and make it collapse in the group’s properties.

Similar workflows will then hide the group again.

Thank you Vincent,

I managed that. I placed a group1 in the whole area of the repeating group and when clicked in that group1 the workflow will change the state of that group1 to state= yes.

Now my table appears when condition group1 state = yes.

My remaining question is. How can I make a workflow to tell the previous clicked row to change group1 to state = no again? There is no workflow for unclicking? So what I mean is I click row 1 and the table appears. In row 2 it’s hidden. Then I click on row 2 and it’s table is shown and the table of row 1 is hidden.

Then put the state in the RG.

So on click of the row > set ‘element’ of RG to current cell’s name.

Then on the group you have 2 conditions:

when RG’s element is current cell’s name > this group is visible
When RG’s element is not current cell’s name > this group is not visible

I am trying but so far I only have experience with number states. Which state type do I have to use on the repeating group?

On click of the row:

on the group:

You can add another workflow with a condition that if you click the row and the state is that row’s element, it makes the state blank so it also toggles on and off.

I think I am missing something. I am not able to select that element of that row. The only way to reach that repeating group is with a workflow but even then I am not able to select the row.

I will setup a test application and try to replicate it…

In this case, the ‘element’ is the custom state of the repeating group. So you have to make sure to set the state on the repeating group.

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for your explanations! I finally got it to work. Here’s what I did to summarise the whole:

In order to show or hide elements in a row of a repeating group when clicked you do the following:

  1. place a group1 inside the repeating group as large as that repeating group. The usage of this group1 is that if the group1 or any element inside this group1 is clicked then the State of the repeating group will change.
  2. Place at least one input1 element inside the group.
  3. Create a workflow for group1: If group1 is clicked then State (type is name) of repeatinggroup’s value is changed to element1’s name. (Assuming that element1’s value is a name)
  4. Then for each element inside the repeating group create the conditionals to show or hide the element when repeating group state’s value is/not is current cell’s element1’s name.

Note: It would be more easy if you can address the repeating group’s active row directly. Then you can skip the whole group1 thing.


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