How to show a "list of texts" as separate options in dynamic drop down list

I want my users to be able to choose one item from a “list of texts” in a dynamic dropdown.

Currently, all items from the list show up as one option in a single line.

When ideally, I’d like it to look like:
travailleurs indépendants
indépendants du service
solo entrepreneurs

I’ve tried the “join” with line_break option, but no joy…

What am I missing? Or not possible?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Could you share a screenshot of how you set up the dropdown itself?

Thank you Dan! Yes, here it is.

ps, I also tried the option without :converted to list.

Got it. For the “Option caption”, you would usually never use a converted to lists function in the context of a dropdown. Rather, it should map directly to something that is a single displayable value (ex. John Smith, New York, etc).

For example, say we were creating a dropdown that shows the current list of users. The current option is represented in the dropdown (ie. the displayed text) by the user’s full name, which is stored as a text value on the record.

Thank you for getting back so fast.

So… if I understand correctly (newbie here), it is not possible to convert a “list of texts” into separate items in a drop down list. If I want to have seperate items, I need to create a new data set and store them separately?

@dee welcome to Bubble as well. Getting the hang of database structures is always a bit tough at first, but soon comes pretty quickly.

Generally speaking, if you have your database set up properly, you likely wont need to convert a list of texts into separate options in a dropdown.

Though, if you are trying to reference a specific database entry that has a list of text’s associated with it, you can set the dropdown’s “Type of choices” to text and reference that specific field’s list of text values.

I have a resource that goes into how to set up a database from the perspective of building a grocery list app. I’ll send you in a message momentarily.


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