How to Show a Thing in a Popup for Editing

Hi all,

Thanks for all the great help so far. I ran into an issue today, that I can’t seem to handle by myself.

I have a repeating group of things and I want to be able to edit them, when clicking upon one of these things in the group. Just choosing “Make Changes to Thing” in the workflow and showing the popup, with which I originally entered the data will display the popup, but not the original data.

I’m sure this isn’t the first time somebody tried to do this, but I couldn’t find any instructions in the forum that I could follow either. Any suggestions how to go about this?

I tried doing this: Passing list of images from repeating group to a pop up. But the popup does not actually show the current thing that I want to edit.

BTW: it is important that I would actually be able to edit the data in the thing in the popup.

Finally figured it out.

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