Make changes to things in a popup

Hello everyone!

Editing data using “make changes to things” from a popup is not saving modified data in the database.

I did use “send/display data to the popup” correctly as I can see in the debugger but it’s not saving the modified/ edit data whenever I click the save/edit button.

Which places should I look deeper?

Hi there, @janernestgo… without screenshots or access to your editor, it’s going to be difficult to help you here. Can you share screenshots of the popup, workflows, etc.?


Thanks for your quick reply, @mikeloc .

So here’s the popup. Edit button is suppose to make changes to an existing thing (official business database)

For its workflow. I did create it this way:

Hmm, unless I am missing something, it says right there in the debugger (on the right) that the Parent group's official business (i.e., the thing to which you are trying to make the change) is empty. How are you setting the data source for that group?

Same as the create a thing (official business) database. So the one that was created, is the subject of the modification.

Again, more screenshots or access to your editor is needed here. It appears the parent group is empty, and that would be why nothing is being edited when the button is clicked.

Will send you again the editor link

I found the culprit! I realized the data source of the group where the edit button is placed is empty. So I made the data source “parent group”, and now it reflects the new data in the database.

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