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Hide alert when pressing the icon (SOLVED)


I´ve been trying to make a workflow action that when you press the alerts “X” button, the alert is hide but I cannot see that in the element actions; I just see the show alert element action.

Thanks a lot.

What a great forum!

Can you reproduce the situation in the forum app?

Sure, here:

Oh I see. It’s not something we support. To do this, you should use a regular group, not the alert.

VThanks @emmanuel,

Sorry I forgot to ask, you mean to use the alert inside a group or just the group with a text?

Are you going to support that any time soon?

Just a group with a text.

No, i don’t see why we’d add this, as an alert fades by itself, and you can have exactly what you want with a group + text.

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Thanks a lot Emmanuel.