Alert Message Doesn't Pop-Up(or Appear)! How Can I Solve?

Hi, Bubblers!
I kinda followed an existing instruction to appear an alert message.
I think I set workflows well.
But It doesn’t pop up.
What should I do to solve it?
Screenshots are below.

When the submit button is clicked, I wanted the alert message to appear.

But in preview mode. The alert message doesn’t pop up!
What should I do?
Thank you for reading…

Probably the element is behind another element, use bring to front.

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Hi @ualdir, I followed your suggestion. But still it doesn’t pop up…u_u

Thank you for your effort though! u_u…

To make one test, move the alert for a blank area in your template that you can see when the action. If you not identify whats happen , insert in a floating group.

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I suggest you to learn how to use debugging mode (if you don’t). It helps to find reasons of such issues very efficiently.

Here is a good video on this topic

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Thank you ! @ualdir, @shpak.serhiy :cowboy_hat_face:
I found why I couldn’t see the Alert.
The reason was this.
The alert message appears in the dark area behind the pop-up like below.
(I couldn’t screenshot the moment when it appears. But I just inserted the image for a better communication. :sob:)

When I checkboxed ‘Set it to top’ on the Alert setting.
Then It appears above the pop-up. But it sticks to the top like header. I cannot move the location of the alert message.

Does anyone know how it appears above on the pop-up?

Thank you for reading!

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