Set workflow in group focus inside a repeating group

I am trying to edit information contained in a cell of a repeating group.

Generally I can do this by triggering a popup and displaying data in that popup.

The problem is that I have a groupfocus that must be opened by clicking a button, to display the options on that RG cell.

So what I did was to create a reusable element that includes the button and the groupfocus associated to that button. The problem is that when configuring the workflow of the reusable element I cannot show the popup (actually it is a floating group) to edit the content of that cell.

Reusable element I’ve created:

Repeating group:

Live app:

I want to display this floating group when clicking on “Editar cliente”:

Thank you:

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Hello @santiagopoli3

Better go with a popup inside that reusable.