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How to show conditional elements without refreshing the page

I’ve created a simple form builder within my app. When a user wants to add a particular field, they click the + icon and that populates the database value for that field with a Yes (boolean value). I then have a workflow that shows the field element if the field is Yes in the DB.

However I’ve realised the issue is that it needs to re-fetch that data, which relies on a page reload. Wondering how I can make the element show based on the new condition without having to refresh the whole page.


You should be able to show it without using a variable. It’s possible I don’t fully understand what you are asking, but you can go to your workflow and when the plus is pressed, add a show an element block.

I need the variable in the database as I have some custom JS that relies on it. Thinking it might need to be some sort of custom state.

I you use the autobind function to record this change, ot should works without refresh


Going to try that tonight and if it works will mark this as the solution

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That worked :heart:

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