How to show data from external DB


I installed the SQL plugin, and created a successful connection to my MySQL database.

I also created a query that does a simple select:

Now, I want to show some rows from that query on the page.
So I created a RepeatingGroup, and chose “get_countries” as the Type of content:


I also created a text field in the RepeatingGroup and configured it as the country’s name (which is a field in my query):


After doing so and loading my preview, my RepeatingGroup is empty.
I also tried playing with the “Data Source” of the RepeatingGroup but couldn’t make it work.

I double check and my sql qurey returns a set of results - it’s not empty.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Data source: “get data from an external api”

Thanks @cmarchan !!

Another question - Bubble only let us select data with maximum 200 rows.

I need to let my users choose their country from a list of 200+ countries - How can I do that?


I am not sure I follow. Where/when does that 200 limit take place?

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The 200 row limit is only for data entries and applies only when you’re on the free plan. This doesn’t affect external APIs.

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Thanks @johnny

I upgraded my plan to paid - When I enter a new SQL query in the SQL plugin page I still get the following alert:


This is a simple select query from a table of 200+ countries - I want to let the use select a country from a list so it’s crucial to have more than 200 in this case.

Any idea what I can do?


Hey there @fish,

How’s your WF for that setup? Are you using the “Get external API” action @cmarchan was talking about?

Hi @johnny ,

To answer your question - Yes, when I configured the repeating group, I chose external API and it works.

However, the 200 limit alert, appears on an earlier step - when I configure the SQL query inside the SQL plugin screen, see here:

If the “limit 0, 200” is not there, I get that alert I showed you above.

Any idea how to solve this?