Repeating group from api parameter


I’ve been struggling with what I believe is a minor issue but I just can’t seem to get over it…
So, my data is retrieved by the Mysql pluggin:

I have a simple filter to the data. The idea is that, unless the user inputs some data to aplly the filter, the repeating group should list all records but, instead, it’s returning an empty list until the input has a value…

Can somebody help me out? Thanks in advance.

Rui Martins

The SQL looks ok. Possible answers:

  1. Are you using the correct connection
  2. Have you put in a Test Value, Initialized the query (by pressing button) and assigned data types?
  3. Is the preferencia_id an integer in your MYSQL db?

Hi @joeyg thanks for your reply!

So, yes to all your questions. I thought it might be something with the SQL instruction because the results are being displayed as soon as I input a filter:
When the page is first displayed (no records displayed):

After insering ‘3’ as filter:

Thank you once again.

Hi everybody, sorry but just got the solution: transfered the filter from the plugin’s query to the component itself using “:filtered”.

Rookie mistake. :slight_smile:

Thanks all.