Repeating group with external API

Hello! I’m trying to build a news feed (like the one in facebook app) but I want to get data from external API. Thera are a lot of items in my external database so i want to make something like lazy loading of data but currently I don’t know how to do this. And I wand my feed to be infinite so breaking on pages is not an option.
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

Hello @akopian.daniil ,

First, install the bubble API connector plugin by bubble. Open the API connector plugin and add API to the plugin.
Once API has been integrated in the API connector plugin then goto the repeating group. While giving data source to the repeating group select

Get data from an external API > Select the API

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For everybody else:
As far as I understand the provided approach won’t solve my issue. In the proposed answer I need to firstly download all the data available and then use it for the repeating group. My problem is that downloading all the data will take too much time so I need to download data in chunks, And I need to download the next chunk when a user is comming to the end of the current chunk, I don’t want to use “load more” button, I want my feed to be infinite.
Any suggestions are very welcome!

As @karamwise mentioned you need to get the data first to show the user (whichever way you follow). If your API provider gives a way to get the data in chunks then there is no problem. Though you will need to make separate API call every time. I don’t know how you are going to achieve this. I will follow this thread.

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