How to show Facebook user's age

I know how to show user’s name who logged in with Facebook.
I’m using Facebook plugin.

I want to know how to show user’s age from Facebook. 44%20AM

I am not familiar with the Facebook Plugin.

But I have successfully connected to the Facebook API via the Bubble API Connector.

To retrieve the authenticated user’s birthday you will need to issue a GET request to{user-id}/

where {user-id} is the userid of the User.

You will need to enter the above URL in the Bubble API Connector.

The response will have a field called “birthday”, which will consist of the User’s birthday.
You could then use the “birthday” field in your workflow

After that in your workflow you could do a simple subtraction of the current date and the User’s birthday to get the User’s age.

You may want to have a look at this link also

Thank you! I’ll try it.

Be careful you don’t break any laws. In many countries, age is seen as personal data and as such has legal protections and you would not be allowed to store or display it without a user’s opt-in. Facebook got those opt-ins not you so you might want to find out what the story is in the country (or countries) your users reside.

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I didn’t know that. Thank for the info