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How to show only last 4 digits of credit/debit card?

Hello everyone :wave:

How can i display something like this :point_down:

FYI, I am not using stripe plugin
I am using Mangopay through Bubble API connector.

Thanks :+1:

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Anybody ?
@mikeloc @adamhholmes (Sorry to tag you guys but you both helped me a lot in the past)

Hello @anthony.viel

Looking through the API docs for MangoPay there is an endpoint to which you could connect - Card Object endpoint which will return an Alias parameter as a string that is a partially obfuscated version of the credit card number.

You can use it in the workflow as something like the result of step and get the alias :truncate from end to and write it to the current user. And on the design side, you just look it up and display it as in the example above.
Though I did not try their API, but should be doable.

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:


Hi @psycholabdesign :wave:
Thanks for your response :+1:

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