How to Capture and Display a PART of a text entry?


When a user fills out an input for something that is meant to be saved into your data base, for example a first name, is it possible to only save a part of that input, like the last 4 characters of that first name?

Thank you

Yes - just use

:truncated to


:truncated from end to

(Then put a number – e.g. the number of characters you want to keep)


Thank you very much.

This should work. Unfortunately it breaks a Stripe.Js workflow but I can avoid tackling it from now. I’m sure when I update the version it should work.

Basically I’m trying to save only the last 4 digits of a custom seller’s account number for their bank account so that I could display it later to them in a list. But whenever I add the “create a new thing” workflow to save the text in the way you described, it prevents the stripe bank token from being created.

Its just that piece. But I can do without it for now so all is good. Thanks again!

you should receive the last 4 back as a data object from the stripe api and can store it when storing the payment id.

I’ve spent 2 hours trying to figure out which API call does that and was unsuccessful.

While I found the API calls for showing the “external account’s object”, neither of them allowed me to show just the last 4 of an account number.

I should note that the current version of Stripe I have is 1.8.10 because that is the version I learned to use and when I upgraded, things were different and broke my workflows.

Maybe later versions have the ability.

note the last4 on the right:

Thank you.

I’ll take a look at this when I get a chance!