How to show selected data from dropdown choices

Hello, I tried to create marketplace for personal trainer which allow the trainer to create many packages for the customers to select it and then the price will be shown after they’ve chose the package from the dropdown menu. But I’ve tried and search for the solutions many days and sill couldn’t do it.
Here’s what I’ve been trying to do.
This is my dropdown menu.

my package_name variable is a list of texts includes name1, name2, name3 when the user submit their package detail. And also I have package_price for each name of package.

Then when the customer select the package they want the price will show in the textbox. But I don’t know how to show the package_price for package_name that the customer will select?

Thank you in advance.

Looks like you may have an unfinished formula in the text box for the price. Delete the “contains” part. Ex. dropdown “name”'s value IS Parent Group’s Trainer List’s package_price

However, I think it is more likely a faulty formula. You are trying to change the value of dropdown based on your use of “is”- but a text box cannot change the values, only show what it already is.

Try instead to have textbox or its parent group content type to be a trainer listing. Then create a workflow updates when the dropwdown menu changes and use “display data” to display the corresponding trainer listing in the text.

Thank you for answering!
I am not quite understand what you mean in the last paragraph.
Do you mean that I have to create each textbox for each package’s price corresponding to the value of dropdown menu?
Here’s what I tried.

And then I try to specify the value of dropdown menu that if value is package_name1 then show the textbox of package_price1

That’s right workflow, but not the right steps in the workflow.

Instead, use “display data”. Then display the dropdown value’s trainer listing.

In the text box itself you can set a data type. Set it to a trainer listing. Then you can show the price from it’s present trainer listing, which is updated by the workflow.

Thank you again.
I try to choose the option of dropdown value but it only appear “this dropdown…”

Is it has something to do with the type of dropdown menu?

And even though I choose it, it’s still the wrong formula and I don’t understand why…

And I can’t find where to change the data type of text box…

There is no problem with the data display. It should just be trainer listing, not any sub values. You’ll call on those from the text box.

As for the text, looks like you can reference the parent group’s data, so display the data in the parent group.

Do something like this in the text:
“total price= parent group’s thing’s project price”

It’s show all the price of every packages but not corresponding to the selected package?

I recorded a video explanation. Turns out you should be using an input box, not a text box. Just make the input box disabled for input and let it draw from the value of the parent group.

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Thank you! I try to do as you show me but I don’t understand why it’s like this and the price still doesn’t show… :sob:

Here’s each of my settings

Dropdown menu


Is there anything to do with my data type?

Are you using the workflow that displays the data from the dropdown into the group when the option changes?