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Display a thing from currently selected choice in a dropbox or searchbox

Is it possible to use the “display a thing” action instead of “current cell” rather "currently selected choice from dropdown or searchbox?

In other words, the user selects an option from a drop-down or search-box, (as opposed to selecting a cell in a repeating group), and i want the data of the selected thing to show up in a group. is it possible?

Yes, set the data source of the group as the value of the dropdown/search box. Make sure the group type is the same type of thing as the search element you’re using. As soon as you make a selection, the group will have a source and you can display fields for “parent group’s Thing” inside it.

You can also do: When dropdown’s value is changed > Show group > Display data in group, data to display is this dropdown’s value

Thanks Roman, the second option you wrote, is that an expression to write in the drop-down element? where do i write this expression?

That would be a workflow. In your workflow area create a new event for “when an input’s value is changed”. Select the dropdown element as the input. Then add an action: Show group (select the group). Add another action: Display data (select group and set data to display as “this dropdown’s value”)

Thanks, will check it out