How to show the last item in a RG

SO in my messaging app the users can interact but whenever a new message is received the RG does not show the latest message rather it increases the list and the user is required to scroll down to view the message.

Any idea how to make it convenient for the user to see the latest message of the conversation without scrolling much

Hey @akul3007, just use the ‘scroll to entry’ option in the workflow, and set the ‘entry to scroll to’ to the last item.

(Dynamic values will vary depending on how you have your setup)


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Thanks @lantzgould. But there is one more things. Is it possible to do the same whenever a new message in added in the RG. Like in real time when ever a new message is added to the conversation it should bring the RG to bottom?

I mean from sender’s perspective this thing works but from a receiver’s perspective how to show him the latest message if he watching the conversation

Definitely possible. I have that implemented in my app. I’d suggest taking a look at AirDev’s example. Specifically, look at the database and how it’s setup.

By using the ‘Users Read’ and ‘Last Message’ you’ll be able to achieve the functionality your looking for.

Let me know if you get stuck and I’ll be happy to help.



I went to that demo, set up 2 demo accounts, and tested the chat.
And the demo does not have this implemented where a new message from the sender auto scrolls the viewer to that latest message on their end. @akul3007 did you ever end up finding a solution for this?

FYI to all who find this post, the solution is on this post’s thread: