How to have list scroll to bottom for messaging app

Hi - I am trying to make a messaging app. Bubble defaults to scrolling to the top.

How can I have it autoscroll to the bottom? And also change size of the repeating groups based on message length?

there is a scroll to workflow use that and make it scroll to last entry of the repeating group :slight_smile:

Hey there, there are some plugins which allow you to reverse the rg so it starts from the bottom, which is a good place to start for chat interfaces :slightly_smiling_face:

The go to RG seems like the better option as the first option scrolls to the bottom.

I am trying to use this plugin but cannot figure out how to implement it. I have the box checked and rg1 in the id attribute. There is no other documentation

Send a screenshot of configurations

You have to put the element on the page and then it works. All good now. Thanks so much for the suggestion! It’s working perfectly!