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Chat System - New Message to top?

Good Evening everybody,

I am building an app with a chat system… i have used a repeating group, displaying messages from both the receiver and sender.

I need to know, is there a way to always show the latest message, Currently i need to scroll to the bottom of the chat for the latest? Can the chat always show the most recent message first?

I have attached images below for reference.

Thank you

This is how I do it.

Did you try sorting?

Wow, two minds thinking the same :wink: Hahaha

Hi guys,

thank you so much for coming back to me so quickly. So, i have tried this. Now the first message shows at the top… So its kind of the opposite to say a facebook chat were the most recent message is the bottom message?

Is it possible to do it in this way? sorry i have had a super long day and im struggling to wrap my head around this.

Thank you

Something like this?

Hey Sarah,

Yes exactly that, when you reach the max height for example it scrolls automatically so you can see the latest message,.

Thank you

Okay, it’s a combination of that searching

and this workflow action once you click the send button:

thank you so much for your input its helping so much. Here is my workflow… i dont appear to have the option to add entry to scroll to?

Any idea why?

thank you

Can you show the settings of the repeating group?

please find below

thank you

Hey @enquiries :wave:

The suggestions that @Sarah_Biberei and @lindsay_knowcode are top notch. :+1: Just wanted to give another option.

Not sure if this will help, but this is what I do. I just reverse the repeating group using this plugin: RepeatingGroup to Chat Plugin | Bubble

Here is a sample of how I set it up using that plugin as well as another one to make the chat bubble look nice.

Editor: Test805421 | Bubble Editor

Hope that helps! :blush:


For All Your No-Code Education Needs:

Well I can’t see what you are doing wrong.

I just did a easier example which I can share (the other is a template of mine which I can’t share that easily).

Maybe this helps you debugging.

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hi sarah,

thank you for coming back to me! So the only thing i can see different is that you have the layout style set to infinite scrolling… I dont have that option?

Thank you

Mysterious - I like :wink:

@enquiries maybe you can share me the link with your editor (only if you like) but I need to have closer look otherwise it’s only wild guessing.

You can also DM me, if you don’t want to share in public. I can have a closer look at it tomorrow (I’m living in the german time zone ;))

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