How to show the location of users in map

I am working on a web in which i want to show the location of user in google map. Like when user submit their details and also location then i want that that there is page in which we can see user location in map with image and location.

Here is location of users or we can say anyone, i want to show user location like screenshot and when we hover over it , it will show information like i share image.

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I think you need to create a data type like “users” and store in your database their address then using the native map element insert in the type of markers the previous data type (users) and it will display everyone’s location. If you then click the box where it says “show title window” you will be able to display other information from the same data type like a name, age etc. (like the address you will need to create a form where the users can insert manually their information).
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