Maps Element Find Current Users Location

Hello! I’ve searched through the Forum to find what I am looking for, and so far no luck - lots of great ideas with Datasets, users, and what not, but not what I am looking for.

I am trying to achieve a very simple thing… displaying the current users location on the map element.


  1. My web app doesn’t have user login/accounts. They go to the URL, and bam, the entire thing is a map. I created a little button that should take you to the users location when clicked (like google maps)

Any way to do this without having to create user accounts?

I could be missing something, but seems like a single datatype would do the trick.

Create the datatype:

Set your map to the list of that datatype:

Then create a workflow on page load that grabs the users location and adds it to the list. You’ll want to add a constraint that only adds if that location isn’t already in the database.

Thanks for the feedback!

Will this work even without having a user create an account? IE: I go to, and can click the little arrow to find my location (brings up the notification popup to allow), and then it finds it (I’m not logged into my google account or anything)

I should note that this website isn’t just for one user, multiple users can be on the web app at the same time. I’m building a web app that has a specific points of interest - 10,000+ to be exact

The user is always required to grant location permissions on their browser. But yes should work.

Hmmmm, read through your instructions again, and I don’t think it will work.

This web app will be displaying pre-set markers (IE: locations of ATM’s around the world). So, the Type & Data Source for the map will “ATMs” and their locations

Should still work the same.

How can I get it for the GMaps…?

Tried it, and doesn’t work sadly :frowning: the map can only pull a single location/data source - in this case it needs to be the ATM geolocation/address.

any thoughts/ways on how to use workflows? Like, on Page Load, create this geolocation, and then display it on the map with a marker?

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