How to show user products

we built a marketplace where we have vendors that signed up and upload their products to a Products Database. We created a vendors page to show them the products they have uploaded. We are using a repeated group. How can we display each product individually without it repeating the same product

Just show each product in the RG.

Thats what we get

That’s because you’re showing the same data inside each cell - i.e. the first item from the search results.

You don’t want to do a search for things inside the cell… you do the search in the RG data source.

In each cell you just want to display the current cell’s data.

Perfect … Tnx

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How can i limit it to just 30 products a user inputs ?

I’m not sure what you mean?..

Ok, the user are the vendors that uploads their products. We want to limit it to 30 products per vendor.

In that case case just put a condition on the workflow (or on the element that triggers it) so it can only be run when the count of products uploaded by the vendor is 29 or less.