How to sort a list of state element?

Hello everyone.

I have a state element with a list of information and I need to sort that information. Because it comes randomly.


The list should be like this:


Anyone how to?


You can sort it by any of the available sort options (e.g. text, number, date, yes/no)… or, if it’s an option set you can use it’s built in sort…

It’s not an option set.

I have taken the information in a datatype that doesn’t have a name as a field and I cant sort it. Has only a year.

So, how do you want to sort it?

I want to sort it alphabetically. But I don’t have the option.

These are my options:

You have to select the field to sort by… to sore alphabetically it must be a text field…

I can’t work out exactly what you’re doing from your screenshots…

What kind of data is it you’re displaying? and where does it come from?

The information is from a datatype that has three references (red box) and four fields (green box).
It shows only the options in the green box to sort it.

Right now I’m using a plugin from Keith List Shifter Karma-Ware. But I have other issues with this plugin.

Thanks for your answers.

I’m still not entirely sure I know what you’re trying to do…

But I think you’re trying to sort a list by a field of a related thing (rather than a field on the datatype itself)?.. yes?

In which case This Thread should tell you what you need to know.

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Because the red ones are other datatypes with their own properties/fields. What column do you want to sort alphabetically?

As @adamhholmes said, I also think you are trying to sort a thing based on other thing’s name (?)…

I want to sort it by name.
So i have to select sort by car-model-id to access car-model-name

In which case This Thread should tell you what you need to know.

That’s what I did. I watched it on a Youtube Channel. But now I have other issues. I can’t put the value of the dropdown to URL Parameter.

Thanks for the Thread

Ha ha. I’ve been looking for that thread. Thx @adamhholmes. (Also, I still don’t see what’s complicated about using this List Shifter feature. You have a list (put it in List Shifter). You have a corresponding list of values that represent the text/date/number values you want to sort on (put it as the “sort by” list in List Shifter’s SORT action). Now you execute the SORT action.)


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Also, I still don’t see what’s complicated about using this List Shifter feature

Now that was easy Keith. I had other problems that I have fixed now. The plugin works great. :smiley:

By the way, I’m looking at other plugins of yours to fix another issue.

I’m displaying some information from the database.
The way I’m doing it right now it delays at 11 seconds because it opens and closes the database 20 times for each row that I need.

Is there a way to open the database once, take the information, and close it?

Can’t do it with Repeating Group because it displays more information that I need and I want to be sorted from the importance of each row so I’m sorting it manually.

The Data Type that I’m talking about has four fields.
Two of them are the values that I need to display and the other two are referenced from another Data Type.
One is the ID of each row and another one is the ID of the whole group let’s say.

Now if I want the whole group I can use the Repeating Group and it displays all in less than 1 second.

What if I want only 15 of them? It Opens and closes the database 15 times.

And I’m calling the database every time because I need the car-specification-id for each field that I want to display.

Is there a way to resolve this with one of your plugins? I can’t find a way in Bubble.

Thank you for your time.

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