How to sort by city?

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I would like user A to select their city so that user B can find user A by filtering for their city.

For example: User A is selling a used bicycle in London. User B searches for used bicycles that are only in London so User A’s profile pops up in the search results.

I would like to know how to implement user A’s city selection for their listing (is it an option set, list of texts or something else?) and also how user B can sort/search for this.

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It is a geographic address data field on the data type of listing.

Give them an ability to select a city…lots of possible ways, but simple is use the searchbox set to geographic address.

Then filter by the listing address is within some radius distance of the searchbox elements value.

If you are taking the right approach and starting small (ie: not tackling the world, a country or an entire province/state) and looking at a more defined local area, you could use a data type or an option set to save the list of cities/towns in the area you will target, and just use that in dropdowns for selection and filter based on the city matches the selection from the user who searches.

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