Displaying one city in a list of Cities

Hi All,

I’m on a project with a deadline and breaking my head against the wall on this issue. It might be something simple I’ve overlooked.

I have a list of cities inside a repeating group based on geographical addresses. Inside the repeating group I’m filtering the sorting the results based on Cities. How do I display 1 city if there are more cities with the same name inside that repeating group?

Should I be filtering that before showing it inside the repeating group?

Hi, you mean you have a New York (UK) and a New York (USA) ?

You could use something like:
Do a search for cities: where text= New York. And then : sorted by Creation Date, or (Country code ( a field type text that each city had)
I like to use a field type number called order nr, which I use for sorting. I give the first one a 0, the next a 1 and so on .
(When setting order numbers I just do : Do a search for cities: count + 1 to set it).

Does that help?

It’s actually more complicated than that. We have a list of maps based on geographical addresses. Whenever I store the data, I extract the City, so if I have duplicate cities in the list, I only want to show only 1 of the cities during that same timezone.

This data is based on events within a mobile app, if I decide to make a booking in London between 1-30 september, I create a new event. Someone else might do the same and then create a new table with the same city.

p.s. was hoping there might be a short workaround here.

You mean something like this?

So is your problem that you want to turn London, London, London into London or that you want to be able to tell apart London (USA) from London (UK) ?

Yea, I want to avoid changing it to Text, I’ll be losing a lot of functionality if I convert it to the text as I want to keep it in its original object.

No worries, I’ll just go back to my code and change the functionality to make it work more like events, rather than sorting on unique cities.

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