How to sort date with dropdown from oldest to newest and the opposite?

i have a dropdown with the static choice. (like in the picture).

  1. how to make them sort in repeating group?
  2. should i make a data field in the database?

hope anyone can lead me. i appreciate that
thank you for attention. bagaz

I like to put these conditionals in the repeating group.

In “Conditionals in the repeating group” have something like:

When dropdown sort’s value is “date (newest…)” then DATA SOURCE is “Do search for … [same search but have the sort be by date”

And then do the same thing for each “sort” option have a different DATA SOURCE for the Repeating group.

Goodluck! :smiley:


thanks @jobs for replying its work.
and how about sort by vote (high to low) and the opposite, have idea?

same conditionals on the repeating group, but have the sort be by the vote count ascending/decending

dont know how to fill it.

You got this!

For the highest to lowest vote, you’ll do
Sort by Vote
( Descending = Yes for High to low) (Descending = No for low to high)

So the newest to oldest, you’ll do
sorty by: date
(And I get mixed up with the descending for dates so test which is the correct.)

im sorry not tell you clearly,

but the vote data field is not showing, i dont know why.

im sure to make a data field call vote in database. but it just not come out.

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